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  • Fair work, fair pay: Shining a light on dirty secrets

    As The Havencab Group’s Director, I have long campaigned on ethical behaviour from those operating in the commercial cleaning sector. I have poured this passion into a heartfelt essay (here), which took out first place in this year’s 2017 CHU Strata Community Awards. The article exposes unethical practices that exist in the billion dollar cleaning i...

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  • Asset management and its most revolutionary new development?

    The use of drones is transforming the world and in the world of asset management, drones are revolutionising the industry. The possibilities presented by drone technology are endless and amazing. Here we look at just a few of the benefits of drones. Quick access, low costs, and the ability to automatically document asset conditions are the main benefits ...

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    Are you doing your bit to support your team?

    How do you support your team in business? Well, there are lots of ways and this story shows that some are more unusual than your typical WHS toolbox meeting or other incentives.   I’m not sure if you are aware… but Havencab recently sponsored our manager, Diego Canavero, who shaves his legs and rides a bike for fun…. crazy right...

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  • The Australian cleaning industry: a clearer perspective

    It is refreshing to hear that others in our industry can understand and relate to issues that are critical to how FM and the cleaning industry work together. The Australian cleaning industry: a clearer perspective | FM MagazineConnolly also acknowledges that “The cleaning industry in Australia is professionally trained and motivated. However, it n...

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