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Havencab is now servicing the residents of Central Park

Havencab is now servicing the residents of Central Park

Central Park is a major mixed-use urban renewal project in Sydney, Australia located on Broadway in the suburb of Chippendale. Central Park, consists of 7 prestigious buildings. Havencab is now servicing the residents of Central Park.

As part of the Estate was awarded the “World’s Best Tall Building” for the year 2014, we are honoured to deliver our professional service to the residents of 7 prestigious buildings within the complex. Our dedicated team are using newest, cutting edge cleaning machinery and sustainable cleaning practices to ensure highest standards of cleanliness are met. The base of our environmentally sustainable cleaning concept is the Lotus Pro Aqueous Ozone that has proved to deliver expected results in all common areas, including chrome, stainless steel, mirrors and glazing, tiles, etc.

Since we were contracted as the “all-in-one cleaning company”, we have been addressing all areas, including high-glass and windows, car park, carpets in residential lobbies; and being the 1st month in, we and the residents have already been seeing great improvements in all mentioned sections. We see our professionally trained employees as the key aspect for the success, which is why our team of supervisors have carefully selected a team that has been up for the challenge from the very beginning.

Starting a project of this scale is by all means a great challenge, which has now been successfully managed. Thus, we look forward to further developing and expanding our operations within the Central Park development to ensure the world’s best tall building receives the service it deserves; all hand-in-hand with sustainable cleaning practices, bringing outstanding benefits to the residents and the environment.