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Today we celebrate International Cleaners Day!

Today we celebrate International Cleaners Day!

Today cleaners across the world will be celebrating International Cleaners Day. Cleaners around Australia will be awarding the Golden Toilet Brush to the worst cleaning company in the country as judged by cleaners.

Make a clean start or get this reward!

golden toilet brush awards

This is a very important day to cleaners because it highlights the fact that the work they do is very critical in keeping buildings clean and hygienic to protect workers and the public from flu pandemics and other germs. It’s also a good time to focus on solving the problems cleaners face in Australia and around the world.

So cleaners may call on supporters to help turn up the heat on the few companies left in Australia who still refuse to treat cleaners with the respect they deserve so…so go to the Clean Start campaign page and join up for regular updates.

Every day and night hundreds of workers travel to various buildings in the cities where they live to begin their work. While office blocks are emptying out the cleaners are beginning their night’s work. While cleaners may only be paid a low wage – the work they do is a critical part of every successful business.”

“No office, airport or shopping mall, can function long without cleaners. Yet some companies treated us as invisible workers with no respect. All that we want is decent work, proper training on health and safety, job security and fair pay. But most of all is Respect,” said a cleaning delegate.

A feature of this year’s International Cleaners Day will be the position taken by building owners in support of improved pay and conditions.

Despite the talk of tough times responsible property owners know the importance of a well maintained and well presented building. By supporting a better deal for cleaners they are investing in their own property.

(NOTE: cleaners are cheering better pay and conditions with the NSW Government signing up to the Clean Start Agreement. Tasmania has also signed up but Victoria has not yet signed up.

Today we ask you to join with us in celebration. By working together the Cleaning Industry can make a difference in our world.