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  • Lowest paid workers ripped off

    Low-paid cleaners working for subcontractors in the commercial cleaning industry across Australia have been ripped off for thousands of dollars in wages and entitlements, workplace investigations have found. The short-changed cleaners have been employed to work at several major big business sites by subcontractors who pay them flat hourly wages and ...

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  • How to tend not take: corporate social responsibility

    Corporate social responsibility is now a vital part of any business, but can your company afford to give $4 million a week to good causes like Target does? Most likely the answer is no, but the good news is that you don’t have to! By supporting any good cause in your community, you provide important factors that not only pay dividends to your business but...

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  • Real estate agents push into strata management

    Increasing numbers of real estate agents are looking to strata management as a means to diversify their income over coming years as the real estate market cools and demand for strata management increases in response to massive volumes of new unit and apartment stock which are expected to hit capital city markets over the next two years (Andrew Heaton, Sour...

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  • Sustainable cleaning – make it a priority to reap the savings

    Building and facility management teams are constantly striving to ensure their facilities perform at a superior level. Optimising efficiency and increasing productivity are usually top of mind when establishing new processes for managing facilities. Both are totally achievable when you embrace sustainable cleaning techniques. Sustainable cleaning a top pri...

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  • Top 3 Tips to Easily take Your Sustainability Reporting Online

    There is a push for all companies to report on sustainability but what is the best method? In the interests of sustainability, printing should be limited so taking your sustainability reporting online is an easy solution. The new push to rate suppliers on sustainability   Increased transparency and external reporting are essential for companies. Yet,...

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