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  • Sustainable cleaning – make it a priority to reap the savings

    Building and facility management teams are constantly striving to ensure their facilities perform at a superior level. Optimising efficiency and increasing productivity are usually top of mind when establishing new processes for managing facilities. Both are totally achievable when you embrace sustainable cleaning techniques. Sustainable cleaning a top pri...

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  • Top 3 Tips to Easily take Your Sustainability Reporting Online

    There is a push for all companies to report on sustainability but what is the best method? In the interests of sustainability, printing should be limited so taking your sustainability reporting online is an easy solution. The new push to rate suppliers on sustainability   Increased transparency and external reporting are essential for companies. Yet,...

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  • Fair work, fair pay: Shining a light on dirty secrets

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry Two weeks ago the Senate released its 7-Eleven findings. The report, “A National Disgrace: The Exploitation of Temporary Work Visa Holders“, chronicled the “severe exploitation of highly vulnerable (migrant) workers”. What could outrank a national ...

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  • Metric Conversion Calculator

      Metric Conversion Calculator Metric Conversion var enterTextHeret3f3t11='m²';var resultTextHintt3f3t11= 'ft²';var convertTitleTextt3f3t11= "m² to ft²";var timeStringt3f3t11;var decimalPlacest3f3t11;var dt3f3t11 = new Date(0);var freeText251='Last updated: ';function initConvertt3f3t11(){$('#argumentt3f3t11').attr('placeholder',enterTextH...

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  • Tomorrow is International Cleaners Day 2016

    International Cleaners Day is a special day once a year dedicated to cleaners to show they are valued and appreciated for keeping our environments clean and hygienic every day for all of us. We all like to feel valued and appreciated Cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world, yet most of the people undertaking this important work are i...

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