Top 3 Tips to Easily take Your Sustainability Reporting Online

Top 3 Tips to Easily take Your Sustainability Reporting Online

There is a push for all companies to report on sustainability but what is the best method? In the interests of sustainability, printing should be limited so taking your sustainability reporting online is an easy solution.


Increased transparency and external reporting are essential for companies. Yet, one of the biggest obstacles for corporate responsibility reporting is putting the sustainability report together. When done right, online reporting helps to overcome this challenge. Online CR reports are more accessible, engaging and measurable than stand-alone print reports.


1. Using an Online Aggregator to Show Transparency

One simple way to get started with the concept of transparency in business is to consider building an online report and linking to relevant disclosures across your supplier networks in order to enhance accessibility for your many stakeholders. You can use Flipboard (see some of Havencab’s here) or Paper.Li (both are free, and there are many others you can choose).
See a sample of Havencab’s magazine



2. Report Builders for Sustainability Reporting

People also like customised PDF downloads from a Build Your Own Report tool, such as this one from Microsoft (tutorial here) , for the ability to download the areas of the report in which they have the most interest and save it to their computers or devices for future reference.

3. Digital Video

With limited time to capture user attention, digital video consumption is an effective approach to communicate messages in a quick and engaging way. By targeting areas of the report to highlight, as Nike does, you direct readers to key content and site tools on the site.