The Owners Corporation of Anadara and Alexander, Barangaroo Awards Havencab New Facilities Contract

The Owners Corporation of Anadara and Alexander, Barangaroo Awards Havencab New Facilities Contract

The Havencab Group has won the contract for facilities management, cleaning and concierge services within Anadara and Alexander, Barangaroo and Yes! we are excited!

We can’t wait to contribute to such a remarkable development and ensure that clients, residents and premises are cared for and maintained with all the love and attention to detail that Alexander and Anadara deserve.

About Barangaroo

Barangaroo is redefining Sydney. It is a $6 billion transformation that is emerging as Sydney’s most vibrant precinct, bringing locals and visitors together for work, socialising, living and shopping– all in Australia’s first carbon-neutral, water-positive and zero waste generating community, at the edge of our magnificent Sydney harbour.

Lend Lease Barangaroo South

How the Owners Corporation vision for Anadara and Alexander aligns with The Havencab Group’s philosophy

As part of a world-first development that is positioning Barangaroo as an international leader in environmental and social sustainability, the Owners Corporation of Anadara and Alexander, Barangaroo requires the creation of ideas, standards and systems that will continually enhance community living in such an environment.

The Havencab Group looks forward to serving the Owners Corporation of Anadara and Alexander, Barangaroo  in managing and administering the properties and maintaining the property, fixtures and services in an exceptional manner.

The new contract between these proud entities, the Owners Corporation of Anadara and Alexander, Barangaroo and The Havencab Group, is a marriage of ideals because The Havencab Group have a long history of practice that espouses the open and ethical operation and exceptional care for people, places and the environment that the Owners Corporation of Anadara and Alexander requires.

Havencab supports fair workers’ rights

Havencab has consistently championed fair work practices for industry workers.

Havencab supports Fair Work Australia

Many are aware that the majority of cleaning organisations don’t pay award wages, or enter into sham contracts with their employees, to eliminate entitlements. This in turns makes it impossible for reputable companies to compete on a fair playground, devalues our industry and worst of all, it severely disadvantages our workers.

Fair Work now requires the courts to impose penalties under section 550 of the Fair Work Act 2009. This means that not only cleaning organisations or individuals can be found liable, but also other persons or organisations who were involved or knew about the contravention.

Havencab has been a long-term advocate of fair wages and award compliance and our clients have supported us in our journey to promote fair wages and a level playing field for all in the commercial cleaning industry. Read more here.

Havencab consistently awarded for industry excellence

Havencab has won numerous prestigious awards for industry service. The Strata Community Association (NSW) consistently, year after year, recognises Havencab as an innovative company that is dedicated to improving the industry. Havencab was honoured to receive the ‘Professional Commitment to Ethics and Service Award in 2010 and 2014, was a Finalist 2012 and were also nominated as a Finalist  for 2015.

Havencab SCA award winner for excellence

Havencab implements environmentally sustainable work practices

Havencab was the very first company in Australia to introduce revolutionary technology to the strata sector that reduces chemical use for commercial and residential cleaning clients by over 93%. The technology is aqueous ozone cleaning and you can read more about our green cleaning techniques and sustainable cleaning solutions to see how Havencab can enhance your facility and your reputation.


Why the Owners Corporation of Anadara and Alexander, Barangaroo chose Havencab?


In the world of business today, trust is more important than ever, especially when it comes to your relationships with your clients, customers, employees, and all stakeholders in your business. But what is meant by “trust.” Webster’s dictionary defines trust as the “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.”

I strongly believe that trust is right at the foundation of the survival and success of any business. Without trust there can be no sustainable business.

One of the major challenges and problems facing businesses today is the building of trust internally among the employees, management and ownership to create a healthy and productive work environment. Research has shown that trust is the basis for creating healthy work environments because it forms the foundation for effective communications, associate retention, motivation, and contributions of discretionary energy (Source: Heathfield, S. 2002. Trust Rules! The most important secret.).

There are certain components of trust that every client, customer or other stakeholder in your business looks for in doing business with you. There are several levels of trust and these are some that I consider very important.

  • trust in technical competence and the knowledge to carry out a job to specification
  • trust in ethical conduct and character is paramount so personal honesty and integrity must be impeccable
  • trust in your interpersonal skills and ability to maintain confidentiality and treat information with the utmost respect and privacy
  • trust in transparency and openness in your business relationship
  • trust in holding yourself accountable for all actions within your business relationships


In summary, the foundation of a great business is created by organisational credibility, respect and fairness which form the foundation of trust. I believe this is what the Owners Corporation of Anadara and Alexander, Barangaroo found in the offerings of The Havencab Group.