Energy Efficiency and the Future of Facility Maintenance

Energy Efficiency and the Future of Facility Maintenance


Energy costs account for a huge portion of a company’s annual expenditures, and 30 percent of energy used in a commercial building is wasted, according to the EPA. For facility managers, this is an opportunity to save money and boost building efficiency.


Software Advice, a website where facility managers can compare software, recently published both a tool and good resource information examining how modern technology can help managers reduce costs while increasing efficiency.


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Reduce energy costs

To reduce these costs effectively, facilities personnel can use energy management tools in a CAFM (you can compare facilities management software)  or EAM (compare enterprise asset management) system. These tools allow users to track energy costs of entire buildings and individual floors or even specific assets, so that managers can spot exactly where energy is being wasted.

Without data showing which compressor or HVAC unit or floor of a building is using more energy than others, managers will struggle to reduce energy waste.

The article featured below gives a handy tool to calculate a company’s annual cost of energy per square foot and compares it to the national average for commercial buildings. The national average is in $US so a conversion to $AU would be necessary. The average is calculated according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s most recent Building’s Energy Data Book. The number generated by the tool is then compared to the US national average for commercial businesses, which is $US2.29 per square foot per year.

There are also averages available for Australian buildings put out by the Australian Government available for sectors in industry, such as office, hotel and retail buildings, as well as commercial buildings in the environment.

Improve energy efficiency

Instructions for using tool: Enter your company’s monthly electrical costs and natural gas costs to get your annual energy cost per square foot. Your number will be presented in red if the number is more than 5 percent above the national average.

Calculator: Estimated Annual Energy Cost 

Free energy calculator

Convert square metres to square feet here.

Further information

The article is a showcase of insights and tips from industry experts on exactly how software features can help streamline facilities management energy efficiency and benefit businesses that integrate this technology.