Fair Work seeks to hold top of supply chain responsible

Fair Work seeks to hold top of supply chain responsible

As many of you are aware the majority of cleaning organisations don’t pay award wages, or enter into sham contracts with their employees, to eliminate entitlements. This in turns makes it impossible for reputable companies to compete on a fair playground, and devalues our industry.

The good news is Fair Work will now require the courts to impose penalties under section 550 of the Fair Work Act 2009. This means that not only cleaning organisations or individuals can be found liable, but also other persons or organisations who were involved or knew about the contravention.

The key message from the FWO for those involved in the procurement processes was
“Sometimes the lowest quote can have the highest cost, and the FWO will seek to hold those at the top of the supply chains responsible”

Havencab has been a long-term advocate of fair wages and award compliance and our clients have supported us in our journey to promote fair wages and a level playing field in the cleaning industry.

If you choose Havencab to maintain your site you will have peace of mind that award compliance has been fully adopted.

For the clients that have alternate contractors, please make sure that these contractors are paying awards to mitigate risk for yourself, your organisation and your workers. For more information, please contact us at Havencab and we can supply you with advice and a FREE information guide.

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