Krista shows loyalty and has achieved and represented Havencab for 10 years

Krista shows loyalty and has achieved and represented Havencab for 10 years

What do you say to your employees when they show loyalty?

Employers have come to terms with the current employment trend of job-hopping, with workers moving jobs every two or three years. In fact, some encourage it as fresh recruits, keen to prove themselves to their new boss, are seen as potentially more motivated and productive.
But what of those who choose to stay put; the loyal workers who stick with the same company for ten or more years? Are they valued for the skills and knowledge they help their organisation to retain or seen as lacking in ambition and aspiration? Yes, at Havencab they are appreciated….absolutely!
“Employee movement internally and externally is more prevalent in our industry, but the long-term, trusted employee remains a key part of our organisation. We are a family-run business and we value loyalty highly.” says Frank (CEO The Havencab Group).

Companies such as Virgin Group excel at recognising the value of high-achieving, long-service employees and on the whole enjoy higher-than-average employee retention rates. Havencab aims to do the same.

The Virgin culture encourages people to achieve and play to their strengths. This gives the freedom to be creative and take opportunities to make a positive difference in what they do, and also inspires passion and commitment to do a great job for customers. This is what The Havencab Group is promoting in their workforce. This is how Krista now operates. She is a vital link in the Havencab chain between customers, management and also staff.

Our ultimate purpose is to change our industry for good and, thanks to the solid foundations of the Havencab culture across the group and the encouragement we offer in terms of roles and achievements, we’re in a strong position to do that.

So Krista, thank you for all the laughs, the tears and your enduring loyalty to Havencab.