• Energy Efficiency and the Future of Facility Maintenance

      Energy costs account for a huge portion of a company’s annual expenditures, and 30 percent of energy used in a commercial building is wasted, according to the EPA. For facility managers, this is an opportunity to save money and boost building efficiency.   Software Advice, a website where facility managers can compare software, recently publi...

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  • 3D Printing Construction: sustainability and cost effectiveness

    The concept of 3D printing has been around for some time now. The actual use of 3D printing and its adaption into the construction industry is really starting to take off. Architects and contractors around the world are beginning to build the first 3D residential structures including houses and apartment buildings. What makes 3D printing different to cu...

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  • Facility management: why drones are the next ‘thing’

    Drones are becoming accepted in facility management: See how the new flying robots could help facility management and what the rules are for using drones. Drone technology offers a host of potential benefits to facilities and maintenance managers looking for new technologies and tools that can enable them to keep a close eye on the condition and performa...

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