Jacksons Landing is one of Australia’s most prestigious waterfront redevelopments. It is located on the tip of Pyrmont Point. It has resort style facilities including a clubhouse, indoor heated pool, gym, tennis court and 24 hour security. It has 1339 residential units, 3.2 hectares of open space and parks and is home to approximately 3000 residents. Havencab cleans 14 buildings and 3 BMCs within the estate.

We employed a highly experienced team and provided extensive training. Lennox institute delivered greenRclean, greenRclean-management and safeRclean to the team along with a Diploma of Management for the onsite manager. We measured and documented the waste vs recycling at each building and changed how recycling was collected. We adopted Aqua mops to reduce water and contamination. We eliminated the use of 6 chemicals by adopting microfibre and lonators. We set up a laundry that would ensure all microfibre rags and mops were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

We also purchased machinery that had the environmental choice tick, and we provided paperless reporting and auditing through ipads. We also implemented a policy that cleaners should use public transport instead of cars to reduce our carbon footprint. We have recently replaced the Ionised system to ‘Aqueos Ozone’, we are the first company in Australia to adopt this and it is now a world leader in chemical free cleaning. This provides greater water savings, improved disinfection and sanitisation qualities.


The benefits and results achieved in a single year have been remarkable. We have achieved an average Quality Assurance rating of 95% throughout the estate. We have saved 509, 807L of water, eliminated 3,285L of chemicals that would have been used onsite, reduced our carbon footprint by 30T through the use of public transport and increased recycling to 53% of total waste. Our employees are happy and appreciate that we are reducing their exposure to chemicals and are achieving improved efficiencies through out systems.