• Confidential Client – Jacksons Landing

    Havencab commenced the daily cleaning services for many of the Stratas at Jackson’s Landing on the 1st April 2011, since this date they have met the KPI’s requested of them by instigating improved cleaning methods that has achieved enhanced overall appearance of all the buildings. We attribute this change to a number of things, these include, the ongoing training of the cleaning staff, the dedication of the cleaners in working to the cleaning specification, the constant supervision of the cleaners by the Havencab Supervisor, the regular inspections of the buildings by the assigned Operations Manager. In addition to this we have found that the monthly Havencab reporting system on work performed, defective equipment of building systems to be excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending Havencab for any cleaning work that they may seek to undertake.

    Estate Manager, Jacksons Landing

    Confidential Client – Jacksons Landing
  • Strata Plus

    The strata management team at Strata Plus have a long standing professional regard for the services provided by The Havencab Group which has not faltered over the years.

    Havencab’s pursuit of having clarity of the clients expectations, coupled with their firm culture of sustainability, trained staff and high standards means that they often achieve delivery of unparalleled socially responsible services to their clients.

    Furthermore, the Strata Plus strata management team has confidence in their group’s abilities to understand scheme complexities and deal with matters arising within complex frameworks. This includes determining who is responsible for expenses related to services, whether it be an individual owner, a scheme, or a shared service. They have demonstrated abilities in dealings with mixed use and tiered structures.

    It is the confidence of our strata managers in the services provided by the Havenvab team that enables this testimonial.

    Managing Director - Strata Plus

    Strata Plus
  • FKP Pty Ltd

    FKP is a leading Australian property and investment group with a comprehensive property portfolio that capitalises on our proven expertise in development, retirement village ownership and management, property investment and asset management. At FKP we pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service, a quality end product and an exceptional ongoing environment for our residents. Havencab provides the high level of service that FKP requires to ensure we meet these standards.

    Residential Communities - FKP Limited

  • Cammeray Square

    Havencab has been looking after the cleaning of our mixed use development since inception. It is not an easy building to maintain as it consists of a high traffic outdoor retail plaza, two car parks, as well as a loading dock, and a residential component covering three separate buildings. Needless to say, every aspect of the development is always in excellent condition. More importantly, their staff is extremely conscientious, observant, proactive, and extremely hard working.  We have a great relationship in terms of annual budgeting, works scoping and prioritisng, resulting in s smooth and streamlined operations, which takes away the need for constant supervision by our committee.

    Owners Corporation Chairman, Cammeray Square

    Cammeray Square
  • Scenic World

    As Australia’s largest privately owned a tourist attraction we see 1 million guests per year and we take pride in our service and the service that our partners, in this case Havencab, provide. Specifically speaking Havencab has excelled in the areas of Quality Assurance, Site management, Ethical Standards, Ledaership/Management, Culture Development and Training.

    Havencab’s Quality Assurance is it the highest standard. Their administrating practices in relation to policies and procedures are very thorough in both theory and practice. The Q & A process allows the constant flow of feedback through all channels. This open yet structured procedure allows for an all inclusive ever-growing culture that assures all team members have input. This is our business leaders peace of mind in knowing all practices are safe, meet a high measurable standard, and are constantly being assessed.

    In relation to site management we have been pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism, commitment to quality, and timeliness in relation to request turnaround. We have an Operations Manager and a Site Manager dedicated to our business. This is being revelation in comparison to the previous provider. Havencab’s Management Team have the foresight to see issues before they arise and also the flexibility to react when action is needed. We can’t express how important this is in the busy, fast paced environment we work within.

    Ethically speaking Havencab have proven to be a cut above the rest. We have dealt with numerous providers and the years and Havencab’s commitment to their people is unparalleled in this field. All costs and wages are transparent and meet all governed standards. Although the Havencab team are not directly employed by Scenic World they are treated as members of our team and attend all our social functions. It is important that they are offered the same level of security and fair treatment as our staff. This process is seamless with Havencab and is one the main reason we have Havencab as our provider.

    The Leadership/Management team of Havencab are professional and have their people’s best interest in the forefront of their business offering. We have had continued contact from the top down. Havencab’s leaders are very candid about their leadership style. In all of my conversations with Havencab leaders, Service and people have always been at the forefront.

    It is clear that the training a levels of communication are high from within as the messages that we hear from the top are clearly and practised throughout the company. This clearly shows Havencab’s commitment to to culture development. The people at Havencab understand that the culture of your business is the fundamental principle to holistic success.

    Again, it is a pleasure to have Havencab as a valued business partner. Our relationship from day one has been based on high ethical business practices and upfront communication. This is very refreshing as our experience with other providers has not been of this high standard. We highly recommend Havencab as a service provider but more importantly we recommend them as outstanding people to work with.

    Chief Operating Officer, Scenic World

    Home 3 – Scenic World
  • City of Sydney

    I write to provide a letter of reference for the Havencab Group. During my time as Apartment Waste Officer within the within the Resource Recovery team of the City of Sydney’s Waste Services Unit, I have enjoyed a professional and positive working relationship with many employees of the Havencab Group.

    Whether working with cleaning or facilities management staff, I have found their approach to their work to be second-to-none and on regular occasions they have gone above and beyond their regular duties to assist the City’s Waste Services Unit whenever possible.

    Of particular note, is Havencab’s commitment to sustainability as a core function of their business. Havencab have worked with the City’s Resource Recovery team and a number of different large apartment buildings across the city with a goal of achieving more efficient resource recovery and recycling as well as providing feedback for better waste management processes at many sites.

    The city is currently working with Havencab on a number of trial projects throughout the LGA. These include the involvement of Havencab managed buildings at both Jacksons Landing and Central Park which aims to recover electronic waste (e-waste) and hazardous household wastes via a direct pick up service from within apartment buildings. Havencab’s contribution to these projects has been invaluable.

    I highly recommend the services of the Havencab Group and look forward to working with their staff at any opportunity that presents itself.

    Apartments Waste Office, Resource Recovery Team - City of Sydney

    City of Sydney
  • Distillery and Community JL

    All expectations have been exceeded by Havencab in its cleaning services over the past 6 years. They are also proactive in identifying other issues including maintenance needs, housekeeping tasks, and ensuring identified issues are followed up promptly.

    Distillery and Community JL

    Home 4 – Distillery and Community JL
  • Confidential Client

    Havencab has been providing cleaning services to several sites for this client for over 16 years. During this time we have constantly found the management responsive and flexible. The staff are always obliging, trustworthy, and deliver to expectation. Our requests are met with a smile and immediate response. We are happy to continue the relationship.

    Salmat - Purchasing & Facility Manager

    Confidential Client
  • Strata Plus Pty Ltd

    I have been a Strata Manager for approximately 7 years, all those years at Strata Plus. From very early on I had dealings with Havencab as a cleaning service provider as they had contracts for a number of buildings I was assigned.

    My dealings with Havencab have always left me with an appreciation and respect for the way they conduct their business. As is evident from the many players in the cleaning service industry it is hugely competitive and from my experience the level of services provided vary greatly as do the conditions and treatment of those employed as cleaners.

    This is possibly what really sets Havencab apart from their competitors and many other companies we have exposure to.

    Havencab retain their staff for long periods of time. They must choose their employees carefully but i believe there is much more to it than this.

    The cleaning supervisors they have employed i have been dealing with for many years and from what i understand have worked their way up in the business from cleaners. These supervisors are dedicated to the business, hard working, service oriented, honest and fair. Qualities they reflect from senior management within the business who obviously value these traits when progressing people through the company.

    Additionally there is little turnover of cleaning staff at the various sites. Where I have experienced staff turnover it seems to be they are younger staff working as cleaners to support their way through further studies and then move on into more highly qualified and paid professions. This is something that is acknowledged supported by senior management.

    Havencab are loyal to their staff and look after their welfare and safety. They are in the service industry but i believe there is a genuine belief that unless they look after their staff they cannot expect the staff to look after their clients.

    They have the regulatory bases covered which must require significant input and systems development. This is done seamlessly, staff are trained, clear procedures are rolled out and followed from site to site so that safety and compliance requirements are met.

    To site one recent safety example for a large residential site I manage, a Havencab staff member hurt his back hauling loaded garbage bins up the driveway to the street. Havencabs response rather than simply finding another staff member for the site was to renegotiate the contract on a medium term basis with a minimum fee adjustment to enable the supply of a tug to transport these bins up the driveway to avoid future issues. This proved to be a win for Havencab, the employee and the client. Havencab could retain the contract, their staff could retain their job at the site and be ensured a safe work place and the client benefited from the ongoing high level of service Havencab and their staff provide to the site.

    In some of the larger sites as part of the contract arrangement they install completely contaminant free, non noxious chemical cleaning systems that are made on site. For smaller sites where this is not feasible there are good procedures in place for the safe storage and use of the cleaning products.

    The treatment and loyalty to the staff does have a flow on effect to the service they provide to their clients. It enables Havencab to maintain a consistent service level from long serving employees and in many cases the clients develop strong working relationships with the cleaning staff. The staff appear to have a healthy and happy working environment and in turn they provide exceptional responsiveness and where extraordinary issues arise they attend to these without complaint.

    Another reason I believe Havencab can retain staff is that they are determined to pay at least the minimum award wage and entitlement. From experience, being pulled into disputes between other cleaning contractors and their staff this is actually not the norm. As the staff are often of a non English speaking background and in many cases desperate to work it leaves them open to exploitation.

    A clear part of all Havencab’s tender submissions is a table that sets out the award and entitlements so the client is aware of the minimum cost they should be paying simply to have the staffing hours as tendered. Further to this the table provides figures for supervision and other operational costs and then even provides the amount of profit that would be generated if the tender is accepted. They are the only company i am aware of that have this level of transparency in pricing.

    They do not subcontract which means that they do not rely on sole traders paying themselves below the award to win contracts. I am sure this is another reason they have such good staff retention.

    Cleaning is a business where the end result can almost never be perfect. Hence the performance of a cleaning service provider is often judged by the number of complaints received rather than performance. Minimal complaints equates to good performance. As some form of complaint is inevitable then the way complaints are handled tends to set the quality contractors apart. Havencab lead the sector in this area.

    In dealing with complaints either the Havencab general manager or supervisor will respond on the day the complaint is received and seek quick resolution and ensure the client is satisfied with the outcome.

    Where it becomes obvious the issues are not about service but are personality driven or driven by a competing interest (as seems to be common place in Strata buildings) rather than protect the contract until the end of term at all costs i have had examples that without fuss they have allowed for the termination of the contract at a time nominated by the client. This serves as a huge contrast to other cleaning contractors that through their own poor performance and mismanagement are terminated and then seek to retain the contract or punish the client by dragging them into litigation.

    Havencab understands that they are in the service industry. As such they provide appropriate training for their staff, develop detailed specifications for all their sites to ensure the core duties are being performed and provide adequate supervision for their staff to ensure a high benchmark in service is achieved.

    Somehow the balance of serving the staff and the client is maintained which organisationally must be difficult. Where staff are sick or unable to attend work then immediately back up staff are found and perform required services at the required standard for the period when the normal staff member is absent.

    Overall I commend Havencab to you. They are a service provider that strives to serve both their clients and their employees. In an industry where these things are often mutually exclusive they have managed to incorporate a business structure that means they achieve outstanding service results and excellent staff performance and retention.

    Strata Manager & Associate Director - Strata Plus Pty Limited

    Strata Plus Pty Ltd
  • Finger Wharf

    The Finger Wharf, with a length of 410 m and width of 64 m is one of the most iconic structures in Sydney. The Finger Wharf is heritage listed building. The Wharf is home to 5 strata’s, 2 stratum plans and a BMC (Executive Committee).

    Shortly after I took over the management of The Finger Wharf it was clear that the incumbent cleaning company was not performing to my or the BMC’s satisfaction. This ultimately resulted in the BMC asking me to carry out a tender process for the cleaning of the common areas at The Finger Wharf. The committee decided to award the cleaning contract to Havencab for a year as a trail. I can confirm that the committee has now awarded Havencab with two more years cleaning contract based on the outstanding performance achieved in the first trail year.

    Some of the reasons for Havencab being so successful are listed below:

    1. Green Cleaning – This concept was introduced by Havencab at The Finger Wharf. The wharf isheritage listed. Building Management and Executive Committee are committed to ensuring that original materials are kept for as long as possible before replaced (some wood and tiles are 98 years old and would not survive harsh chemical cleaning). By using this system Havencab insures that wear and tear on the heritage materials is minimal and that they will last for many more years.
    2. The Finger Wharf is built directly over the harbour. This in turn restricts any waste being disposed into the harbour. By using the Green Cleaning system management mitigate the risk of pollution and of course heavy fines from government and environmental agencies.
    3. Changes to recycling system that increased recycling on site – Havencab Senior Management and Site Management are extremely proactive when dealing with waste management and cost savings. Any cost saving presented to the Executive Committee is very welcome as this frees more funds for maintenance works and site improvements. Following long consultation with Havencab I was able to change the waste management and recycling systems which resulted in over 150k savings per annum.
    4. Modern machinery – Havencab introduced modern machinery to assist with the efficient cleaning of The Finger Wharf. One of the substantial improvement was the introduction of the walk behind vacuum. This allowed for the frequent cleaning of the vast concourse at the Finger Wharf. By using modern and up to date machinery Havencab again were able to introduce substantial savings to the executive Committee. As a matter of fact Havencab have been cleaning The Finger Wharf with three cleaning staff as opposed to the previous company which employed 10 cleaners.
    5. Company Culture and Staff – I found all staff to be outstanding in all areas of performance and professionalism. Staff are always immaculately presented and spoken. Communications are open and direct and all staff are extremely responsive. Site manager as well is outstanding and very helpful. As a matter of fact some of the best ideas for improvements and efficiencies were proposed by the site manager and adopted by myself and the executive Committee. Havencab senior management are very involved with their staff and it is evident that all staff are extremely motivated and driven.

    In summary I find that Havencab as a company provide excellent value and performance. The Finger Wharf has never been cleaner and never looked better. It has been a pleasure working with all Havencab staff and I wish them all the best in future.

    Senior Facilities Manager, Finger Wharf

    Finger Wharf
  • Cambridge Management Services

    In relation to site management we have been pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism, commitment to quality, and timeliness in relation to request turnaround. I have an Operations Manager and Site Manager dedicated to our business. This has been a revelation in comparison to the previous provider.

    The Leadership/ Management team of Havencab are professional. I have had continued contact from the top down. Havencab’s leaders are very candid about their leadership style, service and people have always been at the forefront.

    Havencab’s Quality Assurance is of the highest standard. Their administrative practices in relation to policies and procedures are very thorough in both theory and practice. The Q&A process allows for a constant flow of feedback through all channels. This open yet structured procedure allows for an all-inclusive ever growing culture that assures all team members have input.

    Ethically speaking Havencab has proven to be a cut above the rest all costs and wages are transparent and meet all governed standards.

    It is clear that the training and levels of communication are high from within as the messages that we hear from the top are clearly valued and practiced throughout the company. This clearly shows Havencab’s commitment to culture development.

    I am delighted to have Havencab as a valued business partner. Our relationship from day one has been based on high ethical business practices and upfront communication.

    I highly recommend Havencab as a service provider but more importantly we recommend them as outstanding people to work with.


    Building Manager, Macquarie Central

    Macquarie Central
  • Jacksons Landing Estate and Community Executive Committee

    Havencab has been the provider of cleaning services to the 200 apartment complex Distillery Hill as well as to the majority of other strata plans and the Community Association properties that make up Jacksons Landing Estate and Community. Havencab was selected by way of competitive tender.

    The tender selection was based on a number of criteria that were drawn up in the light of variable experience with previous clean service contract across the estate. In addition to the technical capacity to carry out the specified contract, the selection criteria included consideration of such aspects as:

    •  Commitment to employ staff under full award wages and conditions;

    •  Proper training and accreditation of staff;

    •  Environmental sustainable practices;

    •  Appropriate provision of equipment to undertake the tasks;

    •  Quality assurance practices and methods; and

    •  Day to day and management supervision.

    Havencab met all of these criteria.

    These comments are provided specifically in relation to my own Strata Plan Distillery Hill SS 73528, and from reports of similar experience by the other Strata Plans that have contracted Havencab. I am chair of SP73528 and chair of the Jacksons Landing Community Association DP270215.


    In setting up to deliver services, Havencab undertook a full inspection and exceptionally through clean of the properties to establish a benchmark standard. It ensured that all necessary cleaning support equipment was available on site, and put in place an estate site supervisor to manage activities. It also established contact with our Estate Manager, and the various Strata Plan committees to explain their quality assurance process and invited participation of committees in the regular formal QA inspection process. In practice, Strata Plans on the estate mostly have “House Committees” that independently and randomly monitor and report to the Estate Manager on housekeeping matters quite separately to the formal QA review process. Our Estate Manager also conducts frequent tours of the buildings and is able to observe day-to-day performance.


    All expectations have been exceeded by Havencab in its delivery of cleaning services over the past three years. It has undertaken not only the prescribed tasks but is also proactive in identifying other issues including maintenance needs, undertaking additional housekeeping tasks, and ensuring identified issues are followed up promptly.

    The site supervisor provides the estate with monthly comprehensive reports which are circulated to the Estate Manager and all strata plans that use Havencab. These reports highlight not only activity undertaken, but also as part of the company’s environmental concerns, it reports on such matters as recycle percentages, volumes of waste etc. It has adopted environmentally sound cleaning processes across the estate which minimize the amount of detergents and other chemicals used. The company appears to constantly monitor industry development and is quick to adopt improved practices.

    Its approach to staff management is exemplified by the fact that most of the staff who commenced work on the estate at the beginning of the contract are still in their original roles so staff retention his high, no doubt a reflection of the fact that staff do receive full entitlements to leave, wages and other conditions. The on-site supervisor has also been working with the estate from commencement of the contract, and ensures that absences on leave etc are properly covered and that urgent cleaning needs (such as water leaks into apartments resulting from plumbing failures etc) are promptly and efficiently to reduce impact on residents and consequential damage to the property.

    Management makes regular contact with the Estate Manager and Strata Plans to ensure that its customers are happy with the level of service and so that any matters of concern can be addressed promptly. In practice, virtually all issues are dealt with on the spot by the cleaners and/or supervisor.

    Routine inspections are carried out by the supervisor and Estate Manager along with any interested members of the strata committee. Performance is scored and consistently has been in the high 80s to 90s against a score of 100. Those scores reflect issues that may also have arisen between cleanings so reflect a particularly high consistent performance.

    Chair, Executive Committees, Jacksons Landing Estate and Community

    Jacksons Landing Estate and Community