Amazing Tesla Motors destination chargers launch at Stockland Cammeray

Amazing Tesla Motors destination chargers launch at Stockland Cammeray

We experienced an amazing morning at Stockland Cammeray, knowing that all areas were immaculate for the launch of the roll-out of Tesla Motors National Destination Chargers. They will be available in 31 Stockland locations across Australia.

Stockland Cammeray

Tesla Stockland

Hon Craig Laundy

Hon Craig Laundy 2
The Hon. Craig Laundy MP, Federal Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation & Science, agreed to launch the roll-out of Tesla Destination Car Chargers across Stockland retail centres. The launch was held at Stockland Cammeray. Also attending was John Schroder Stockland’s CEO.

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Stockland is all about optimising and innovating. They’ve earned Australia’s first retail portfolio Green Star rating, as verified by the Green Building Council of Australia.

In an Australian first, in June 2016 Stockland achieved a Green Star – Performance portfolio rating for 22 of their metropolitan and regional retail centres, receiving an average 3 Star rating, which is considered ‘Good Practice’. Stockland’s innovations such as climate adaptation and resilience, inclusive playspaces, electric vehicle charging stations and use of cool roof materials rated particularly well. They continue working with retailers and the community to improve the sustainability management and performance of retail centres.

A further Stockland innovation is Chip, a friendly humanoid social robot who has been working with Stockland since August 2016. At 1.7 metres tall and weighing close to 100 kilograms, Chip has a sophisticated mix of cameras, lasers, ultrasounds, microphones and speakers which allow it to recognise faces, converse with people and answer questions, and grasp and move objects around independently.

Stockland and Chip are working together to enhance human-robot interactions and to find ways to help neighbourhoods and shopping centres across Australia. Whether it’s carrying some shopping bags or providing a tour of a family’s new home, Chip is always ready to lend a helping hand.

According to Stockland, working with Chip was all about thinking of new ideas, solving problems and creating a better place for people to live, work and shop.

It seems that Stockland is innovating in many areas and the customers will reap the benefits of Stockland’s philosophy of onging optimisation and innovation.

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