Havencab is a family owned company with the capacity to service any client nationally. We believe in long term client relationships and have a strong governance structure with a highly ethical and customer focused culture.

We are always seeking ways to improve our systems and are early adopters of innovation and technology to provide you with a competitive edge. We nurture and respect our people and reward them fairly ensuring that we deliver an exceptional customer service experience. Our systems, procedures, resources and combined senior management experience enables us to be proactive and offer valuable cost effective solutions.

Our dealings will always be ethical, transparent and with the highest level of integrity at all times. We understand the key role our organisation can have in increasing the value of your property or keeping your brand and reputation strong and reputable.

Our aim is to be the leading sustainable cleaning services supplier within the sectors that we operate; we will achieve this through innovation, transparency, accountability and professionally managed contracts that are efficient and offer value for money, delivered using global best practices that are socially responsible and that deliver an exceptional customer experience to all that we touch.


Award & Industrial Relations Compliant
Ethical & Transparent
Contract Retention
Staff Retention


  • Our proven unique sustainable system of cleaning
  • 100% industrial relations compliance
  • We have a 93% staff retention compared to the industry average of 54%
  • We don’t subcontracting of core services, all cleaning staff directly employed
  • We have highly experienced and well trained cleaning teams
  • We use chemical free cleaning wherever possible
  • Our retention rate is unmatched, some of our contracts are in their 29th year
  • We build long-term client relationships and not short sighted profits
  • Our quality supervised services eliminate complaints
  • Work, health & safety is our top priority at all levels
  • We research and adopt global best practices
  • We use leading-edge machinery and equipment
  • Our recycling programs reduce landfill and our carbon footprint
  • Our clients have guaranteed immediate access to senior management
  • We have 24 hour on call emergency services
  • We provide supervision of all our services through rigid KPI’s
  • We provide detailed reporting to building managers and clients
  • We provide complete transparency in our costing and proposals to clients


  • Ferenc Boross


  • Susan Giles

    HR Manager

  • Frank Boross

    Strategy and Business Development

  • Priyanka Bhadra Gill

    Customer Service Manager